Bill Smith

CEO & Founder


19 Leonard Street

New York, New York 10013


Phone: 704-906-3402


Bill Smith, Founder and CEO of Brand Acumen was previously the Founder and CEO of Addison Whitney, which today is one of the leading brand consulting firms in the world.


Beginning operations in 1991, under Bill's guidance, Addison Whitney worked with over 800 clients in 27 countries.. The firms clients included Pfizer, Merck, Abbott Labs, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Medtronic,Amgen, Alza, Bayer, Hershey, Dell, IBM. Monsanto, Dupont, Bank of America, Citibank, Microsoft, and Roche.


He was personally responsible for the creation of over 1000 brand identities including Escalade (Cadillac), Viagra (Pfizer), XBox (Microsoft), Outlook (Microsoft), Pavilion (HP), Avastin (Roche), Element (Honda), Sunfire (Pontiac), Lexapro (Forrest Labs), Access (Microsoft), Atripla (Gilead), Stylus (Epson), Acxiom (Corporate Name Identity), Zyvox (Pfizer), Satellite (Toshiba), VerSys (Zimmer), Abilify (BMS), Vortec (GM) and Advair (GSK)


As sole shareholder, he sold the firm to the Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG), one of the largest advertising agency holding companies in the world in 1995.


After working with Interpublic's healthcare acquisition team for three years, in 1998, he bought back Addison Whitney from Interpublic and proceeded to quadruple revenues over the following eight years.


On June 1, 2007, Addison Whitney was acquired by NASDAQ listed inVentiv Health, included in Business Weeks Hot Growth 100 and Business 2.0s 100 Fastest Growing Technology Companies lists for 2007.


Brand Acumen is a joint venture between Havas Worldwide and Bill with a mission to redefine and reinvent the future of dynamic branding.