AccuBrand™ Report

The AccuBrand™ Report focuses entirely on the branding and marketing aspects of the optioned assets.  This report provides recommendations of potential brand names and visual identities. 



All brand names presented in the AccuBrand Report are legally viable and have been subjected to commercial market validation through interviews with potential Key Customers.  The AccuBrand Report also provides a linguistic breakdown of each name candidate on a global scale.  The linguistic breakdown is produced using sophisticated ScoreCard methodologies.  

Visual Identity

In addition to legally and commercially acceptable names, the AccuBrand™ Report also provides viable logos for the asset.  These logos correspond to the appropriate developed brand names.  The AccuBrand™ Report houses production-ready art files that may be used immediately by the new asset’s owner.  

In addition to the finalized logos we will also provide a specific Brand Identity Guidebook that will holistically articulate the visual branding experience and how the brand should be consistently messaged across all touch points.