Strataject™ Report

The Strataject™ Report serves as our complete strategic analysis and recommendation regarding identified and optioned assets.  The report includes our rationale based on our PIPV™ Analysis, Key Innovation Leader assessment, and intelligence gathered in our Technology Sourcing process. 


The Strataject™ Report will clearly define our findings and recommendations, as well as a thorough review of the asset(s).  Further, the Strataject™ Report provides a forward-looking business case for each opportunity.  The business case will breakdown the opportunity for each opportunity in time spheres:  evolutionary, revolutionary, and disruptive.


Evolutionary references the potential of the asset over the next calendar year.  Revolutionary is the potential from two to seven (2 -7) years in the future.  Finally, disruptive is the asset’s potential seven years or greater into the future.  It is the disruptive time period where our team of Key Innovation Leaders and our team of experts provide tailored, forward-looking expertise.