The Transforium™ database is unique and proprietary to the BioArbitrage fund.  Transforium™ houses over three million (3,000,000) early stage compounds, technologies, and assets across a multitude of indications.  Indications of assets in Transforium™ include:

Of the 3,000,000 opportunities within Transforium™, roughly twenty-five percent (25%) are not in the public domain and are unique to the BioArbitrage Fund.  This offers our partners first rights to these potentially lucrative opportunities.

Technology Intelligence

As previously referenced, Technology Intelligence is the first component of Technology Sourcing.  The Technology Intelligence component will be driven by the Investment Charter.  The Investment Charter will clearly define therapeutic areas, types of molecules/technology, mode of action, and potential ownership guidelines. 


Our team of experts will seek out all applicable, off the radar assets that meet the project mandate.  The scientific team will review all clinical trial data, timelines, and existing financial data to make the appropriate decision for acquisition.  Technology intelligence will utilize our relationships with academia, the biotech industry, and the Transforium™ Database.



Technology Management

Based on information collected through our Technology Intelligence, a decision is made by the fund to execute an option for the asset.  In this case, the option is the right to buy an asset, assuming certain conditions are met, within an eighteen (18) month period of time.


Information collected in our Technology Intelligence, in conjunction with the asset’s owner, will determine the price of the option.  Note:  The Investment Charter will mandate the maximum option investments for the BioArbitrage Fund.



Technology Scouting

In this final stage of Technology Sourcing, the fund has paid an option price to the asset’s owner.  At this point, our team of scientific, legal, financial, strategy, branding, and financial experts will begin to build the business case for the asset in order to drive the overall price and value of the asset.


Our research team will utilize a panel of Key Innovation Leaders (KILs) in order to best determine future opportunities and overall niche needs of the optioned assets.  The legal and financial teams will deploy our PIPV™ in order to project the future value, acquisition, and overall financial goals for the asset.  The strategy and branding teams will create a holistic view of the asset through the creation of a Strataject™ Report and AccuBrand™ Report.  The Strataject™ Report will include a formal business case and forward looking strategy that may be presented to potential acquirers.  The AccuBrand™ Report will add incremental value to the asset through the creation of a legally viable brand name and visual identity.


Each of these component tools is referenced in subsequent sections.