About Our Family of Funds

Since 2007, the BioArbitrage family of funds has served as a disruptive new investment vehicle to assist life science companies in the development of their innovation pipelines.  The funds operate in a unique manner as they drive strategic and tactical pipeline development with a keen eye on maximizing the ROI, while minimizing the financial risk inherent with typical funds.


Operating side-by-side with Harrison Hayes, one of the premier, global life science advisory firms, the BioArbitrage family of funds enjoys a unique position having access to the ever evolving transactional and innovation healthcare ecosystem.


For our key investors (General Partners), the fund becomes a key piece to building a robust innovation pipeline by delivering novel technologies and intellectual property to their portfolio.  Through Harrison Hayes’ contacts and database of IP opportunities (Transforium Database), the General Partners will have exposure to global technologies which are “off the grid.”    By identifying investments that are not “shopped’ and being driven up by multiple investors, we are able to make selective decisions at reasonable valuations.



“Option” Investment 

A valuation is agreed upon by both the Fund Managing Directors and the IP/Technology Owners divesting the Asset.  The Fund conducts an exhaustive due diligence analysis utilizing their PIPV proprietary analysis tool to determine that the value sought by the owners of the asset is less than existing market value.

The option is exercised by the Fund to purchase the asset for a fixed price within a specified time window (typically 12-18 months).  The Fund Managers then market the asset to create a controlled auction scenario with interested buyers who are willing to pay more than the strike price agreed upon between the Owners and the Fund.  The fund pays the Owners the agreed upon strike price and retains the differential which exceeds the strike price.