Structuring Our Funds



Identification of Partner

The BioArbitrage process begins with the identification and vetting of potential General Partner(s).  The General Partner will ideally be in the life sciences industry.  Life Sciences may be defined as pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, or clinical research organizations.  General Partners should be entrepreneurial in nature with a heavy appetite for early stage investing.


Investment Charter

Once the General Partner(s) has been identified and has agreed to investment in the fund, the Managing Director and General Partner will begin constructing the Investment Charter.  The Investment Charter will clearly outline the authority and responsibilities of all parties, organization, and types of applicable investments that are of most interest to the General Partner.


Identification of Assets

Upon completion of the Investment Charter, our team will begin the identification of applicable assets and opportunities.  To identify these assets, we will utilize our team’s expertise, Technology Sourcing process, and our proprietary Transforium™ database. The fund will then negotiate an option price with the seller and a team (expiration date). 


Valuation of Assets

As assets and opportunities are identified, we will be utilizing our PIPV™ Analysis to determine the overall value for each opportunity.  We will also conduct due diligence and perform interviews with Key Innovation Leaders to understand future and trending patterns. 


Presentation to General Partner

Upon completion of our analysis and valuation, we will present the asset to the General Partner.  Presentations will be in the form of a Strataject™ Report and AccuBrand™ Report.  The Strataject™ Report is inclusive of our valuation and futuristic business model information.  It will include our recommendation to the General Partner and detail a strategy to commercialize the asset.  The AccuBrand™ Report adds value to the asset by providing a brand name, visual identity, and marketing guidelines.


Decision Point:  Acquire or Auction

Based on information presented in the Strataject™ Report and AccuBrand™ Report, the General Partner will decide to acquire or auction the asset.  In the event of acquisition, the Managing Director will oversee the acquisition process between the General Partner and the asset’s owner.  In an auction, the Managing Director will identify and contact potential buyers and oversee a live auction of the asset.